Why Journalists Need to Know Coding


As a journalism major, I never understood why it was so crucial for me to learn how to code. Recently, however, I learned the importance of the computer programming backgrounder. Though my tutorial was not highly in depth, I did gain an understanding of why it is crucial to my future in the journalism and communication world.

What is code? Code is the basis of all things internet. Everything is built off of coding. There is HTML, CSS and PHP. All of those can be explained further at Headway 101, where the basics are explained about what code is. 

In the future, I aspire to work for an online publication, making it of utmost importance for me to know code. Whether I am working hands on or even behind the scenes, it is still important.

If I need to get a story out online and no one is around to help me, I will need the quick facts on how to code my piece onto the website. When you know how to code, there is nothing you cannot do on the internet.

With the way the media is moving and changing nowadays, it is so important for journalism students to be well rounded in all things communication. No one knows where media will be in a few weeks from now, and that is one main reason that it is so important to learn as much as possible and absorb it all.

Future employers look for potential employees with the most background. They look for the people that can do the most. Therefore, not only is coding so important but everything new and up and coming is just as important as well. 

For more information on why journalists should be learning code, check out Steve Buttry’s article, 6 Reasons Journalism Schools Should Teach Students Computer Code.