Why Do Journalists Need to Shoot and Edit?

In this day and age, news is fast. We want it quick, short and to the point. Because of this, it is important for reporters to know how to shoot and edit their work. Once the reporting has been done, they should be able to get their work out as soon as possible and because of this, it’s good to rely on yourself to know how to get that done.

With each passing day, more and more reporters go into the field alone. They are responsible for all things that happen before, during and after the reporting is over.

As challenging as it may seem now, learning to shoot, report and edit all on your own is a huge plus for the future. Down the road when you are applying for jobs, interviewers could potentially ask how well versed you are with journalism and how digital it has become and will continue to grow. Knowing how to put together your own reporting package will look good to them and give you a boost.

Knowing how to do it all, is a great skill to have. Learn it now, use it later!

For more information on how people are able to juggle doing it all, check out this interview with Joe Little, the “one-man-band.”


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